Trend alert: The Revival of Old School Lolita トレンド警報:オールドスクール・ロリータの復活 (from the Netherlands, オランダからお届けします!)


Trend alert: The Revival of Old School Lolita 


By Liv Lotte (Letter to Lotta)

Today I wanted to write about one of the most recent trends I have noticed within the Dutch Lolita Community (and probably the Western community as a whole). Lately, more and more of my friends have been picking up one certain substyle of Lolita again: Old School Lolita

Lisa, Anna-Jorina, Pam & Olga at our last meetup!


What is Old School Lolita?
Lolita Fashion started to develop itself in the late 80ies. This with quite plain garments, no very busy pastel prints, not too many floral prints and usually just a few strings of lace (instead of the 10 layers of lace you can see on some OTT classic dresses nowadays). The people who wore this fashion seemed to be quite rebellious against the Japanese social norms of the time. They didn’t want to follow the general rules of ‘growing up’, like they were supposed to. Therefore, these young people got together in Harajuku and wore clothes that were seen as too extravagant and ‘childlike’ for their age. Many took inspiration from porcelain Victorian dolls and Victorian children’s clothes, which also explain why they chose the poofy skirts and covering blouses and socks.

The Old School dresses are also the ones which remind me most of Alice in Wonderland. Of course this is not a total coincidence, the story of Alice actually fully reflects the theme of (not) wanting to grow up and fitting the strict social norms of society.

Anna-Jorina (Looking a bit like Alice)


Why may Old School Lolita be getting more popular again right now?
Of course like in all fashion styles, the latest trends often take inspiration from the past. Old School Lolita may have never been totally ‘dead’, but you can say its popularity had hit a lowest in the past few years. I have even seen some people arguing Old School Lolita coordinates wouldn’t fit the Lolita aesthetic of today anymore because they don’t always stick to modern ‘Lolita rules’. For example, Old School Lolitas don’t always wear a petticoat and look generally less princessy (and more ‘frumpy’) than more modern Lolitas do.
I can imagine that now, after the OTT Sweet Lolita trend from 2010-2012 and the (currently still rising) popularity of OTT Classic, a new need for going back to the original, more simple form of Lolita fashion is starting to arise.
More and more people are starting to experiment with Old School Lolita again and, therefore, the more frumpy and dolly look is getting more acceptance as well. Not only does it seem that people like the more simple dresses again, also peeking bloomers, under-the-knee socks, rocking horse shoes and natural hair (instead of wigs) are part of this trend!


Thank you for reading!



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