Holiday Card Exchange and Tea Party ホリデーカード交換会とティーパーティ(from Midland area of South Carolina, サウスカロライナ州ミッドランド地区)


Holiday Card Exchange and Tea Party
Midland area of South Carolina

Reported by R. Marie

Meetups further South in the United States tend to be quieter, as many of our fashionable friends live further away (to the North and to the West) but we still gather together and enjoy the company of who might be able to attend. This meetup was no exception, with two new friends and some familiar faces making the meetup very pleasant. We even had two guests meeting in person for the first time, even though they’d met in the online group quite a long time ago!

During the tea, we learned about the newcomers to the group, and welcomed them to the fold. It’s always great meeting new people interested in the fashions and this time was no exception. Both new friends were dressed carefully to their own preferences, and some borrowed from friends to complete their look. One of my favorite things about the South & North Carolina communities is their eagerness to share and bring new people into the fashion subculture. It’s a family that transcends brand, style, or social status. We all come together to simply enjoy fashion and friends.

Our tea options this time were vanilla or dark chocolate scones with a selection of four teas – blood orange herbal, earl grey, Genmaicha, and Yamecha. My personal favorite was the Genmaicha which had a lightly nutty, softer flavor which was energizing and refreshing yet soothing and warm. The blood orange herbal tea, however, was delightful when sipped with my dark chocolate scone!
今回お茶会で選ぶことができたのは、バニラかダークチョコレートのスコーン、そして4種類の紅茶からどれか一つを選ぶというもの - ブラッド・オレンジ・ハーバル、アール・グレイ、玄米茶、そして八女茶の4種類。私は個人的に玄米茶が大好きなのです。少しナッツのような香りがして、とても柔らかな香りが元気づけてくれるようで、とても新鮮でその上、すっきりしていて温かいという優れもの。もうひとつはブラッド・オレンジ・ハーバル茶で、これはダークチョコレート・スコーンといっしょに口に入れればもう至福のひと時!

The smaller number of attendees was a benefit for us in some ways, as we could take our tea party to shopping afterwards and still stay together as a group. So after the tea, the mall was our next stop. We browsed the trusty accessory and jewelry shop Claires for a few small items, then hit a lovely bright store called Riley Rose that featured international candy, skin care, makeup, and all sorts of life essentials like bento boxes and stationary. The decorations in the store were delightful and bright, even equipped with a specific photo backdrop lit by a neon lamp and energetic colors, completed by stadium-style seats available for optimal selfie ability.
参加者が少ないというのもある意味、私たちにとっては良いこともあるのです。お茶会の後にショッピングに出ても、バラバラになることなくグループとして動けますからね。そして私たちはお茶会の後、さっそくモールに出かけます。まず信頼のおけるアクセとジュエリーのお店Clairesで小物を探して、それから可愛らしく明るいRiley Roseに向かいます。そこは世界中から集めたキャンディやスキンケア、メイクアップ用品、それからお弁当箱や文房具など人生に大切なものがたくさん集められているのです。店のデコレーションもすばらしく、ネオンランプでエネルギッシュな色で照らされる写真なども飾ってあって、すごくカラフルで明るい。その上、セルフィを撮影するに最適なスタジアムスタイルのシートまで用意されているんですよ。

After a nice walk around and plenty of window shopping, we finally rested near the merry-go-round to say our goodbyes. Many of us shared contacts, took a few selfies and one group shot, then waved on our merry ways. Until next time, pals!

Thank you for reading this report 😊
それからあちらこちらにウインドウショッピングを楽しんで、近くのメリーゴーランドで休憩をしてから、その日は解散。みんなで連絡先を交換したり、セルフィや集合写真を取ったりしてからさよならを言いました! またすぐに会いましょうね!



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