BK Gothic & Lolita 欧羅巴訪問記 第2回 ロシア モスクワ パート1 Gothic & Lolita festival 9/29-30 Journal of BK Gothic & Lolita’s Visits to Europe Round 2: Moscow, Russia Part 1(from Moscow, Russia, モスクワからお届けします!)


BK Gothic & Lolita 欧羅巴訪問記
第2回 ロシア モスクワ Gothic & Lolita festival 9/29-30 パート1
Journal of BK Gothic & Lolita’s Visits to Europe
Round 2: Moscow, Russia, Gothic & Lolita Festival. September 29/30 Part 1

レポート:BABI カメラマン:Dmitry Novosyolov, Sergey Peresvet, Alexander Plonskiy and BABI
Reported by BABI,
Photographs: Dmitry Novosyolov, Sergey Peresvet, Alexander Plonskiy & BABI

2お茶会集合 Tea Party group photo

こんにちは、海外や日本でゴシック&ロリータを主としたKawaii文化講演等を行っているBABIです。「BK Gothic & Lolita 欧羅巴訪問記」では、この秋にBABIとKaie(Triple*fortuneデザイナー)が一緒に招かれたヨーロッパでのイベントを詳しく紹介しています。
第2回目は、東ヨーロッパ、ロシアのモスクワで行われた「Gothic & Lolita festival」というイベントの様子をお届けします。
Hello, this is BABI, Kawaii Culture Evangelist giving Kawaii Culture speaking sessions both in Japan and abroad. “BK Gothic & Lolita Journal of Visiting Europe” is a detailed report on the events in Europe that BABI and Kaie (Triple*fortune designer) were invited to this fall.
Part 2 of the series is about “Gothic & Lolita Festival” that was held in Moscow, Russia.

●Japanese Pop Culture much-liked in Russia
Russia is one of the not-so-many neighboring countries of Japan, but not much information on Russia is available here in Japan, so one might wonder if there are even any Princesses & Princes in Russia. You will be surprised the there are plenty of them!
In Russia, too, Japanese pop culture contents that first gained popularity were manga, anime, and video games, and now Gothic & Lolita fashion is spreading chiefly among Moscow and other major Russian cities.
「Gothic & Lolita festival」も最初はアニメ系イベントの中で行われていましたが、年々参加者が増えていったので独立したファッションイベントになったそうです。嬉しいことですね!
“Gothic & Lolita Festival” itself started out as a part of an anime-related event but became an independent event with the rise in the popularity of Gothic & Lolita fashion in Russia.

3ロシア赤の広場 Red Square in Russin
Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed (собо́р Васи́лия Блаже́нного) located in Red Square of Moscow looks like a castle in wonderland!

The event was held using the entire facilities of a public hall in Moscow, the capital of Russia, as the venue. Russia as a nation is very keen on promoting art and culture, so there are many fine facilities available for anyone to use for this kind of event. How enviable!
さて、今回日本からは主賓のMetamorphose temps de filleとTriple*fortuneの2ブランドが招待されました。イベント1日目は日本のゲストブランドとロシアや近隣の国から参加したインディーズブランドの物販のエリアの他に、日本のお菓子を売るブースや、メイドカフェが設けられており、どこも参加者の皆さんで賑わっていました。
The event featured Metamorphose temps de fille and Triple*fortune as the two main guest brands. The first day of the event saw participants crowd the product sales booths of the two Japanese brands and indies brands of Russia and neighboring countries, as well as Japanese sweets booth and maid café.

4会場 Event Venue
Various product booths of clothes, accessories, and fashion illustration filled the large floor, attracting a large crowd.

5メイド集合 Maids group photo
The maids were very knowledgeable about the Japanese Maid culture. They even chanted the magic spell “Moe Moe kyuuun!” which makes the taste even better!

6メイドカフェ Maid Cafe
The Kawii cakes were made by the locals who attend Pastry Chef schools, so they were very delicious!

●Fashion Show and Performance attracted huge crowd!
On stage, fashion shows by Russian brands were put on, as well as a Skit contest (2-3minutes short performance) by the participants.
One of the popular way Gothic & Lolita style is enjoyed in Russia is to express the worldview of the fashion on stage, be it be a world of fantasy, a world of medieval knights, or a mythical world of angels and demons. Watching them, we could really immerse ourselves in the worlds that were expressed!

7インディーズブランド Indies Brand
Many Russian indies brands featured solemn Gothic style.

8ミスデンジャー Miss Danger
イベント主催のブランド「Miss Danger」のファッショショー
Fashion Show of the event host brand “Miss Danger”

9スキット Skit
Wonderful skit which was like a scene from a stage play

10コンテスト Contest
Skit Contest was a hit with the crowd

<Part 2 に続く to be continued with Part 2>

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