[Event Report] Mini Meet up in São Paulo サンパウロでのミニ集会(from São Paulo, Brazil ブラジルはサンパウロからお届けします!)


[Event Report] Mini Meet up in São Paulo

By Ana Carolina de Oliveira Kusuki
レポート: アナ・キャロリーナ・デオリベイラ・クスキ

When you talk about the latest trend among Brazilian lolitas (if it can be called a trend) is to have mini-meetups instead of the bigger ones. It is mostly because as the Brazilian community is growing, when you host an open meet up, usually it became very crowded and most of the cafes aren’t big enough for so many petticoats gathered together.
As there was some time since our last meet up, we scheduled a mini meet up in the traditional Japanese neighborhood – Liberdade – to remember the old good times.
それでも前回の集会から時間が経っていたので、私たちは小さな集会を、昔からある日本人街 - リベルダード - に集まり、古き良き時代を思い出すことにしました。

Our first stop was Sogo Shopping Mall; There we swap the dresses we didn’t want anymore and I got Angelic Pretty’s Dreamy Dollhouse OP back (I sold it to Nath years ago and now it came back to me again haha). Soon after we went to Delica Hatiko to eat. I like there so much because is a peaceful place, not so crowded and, of course, because the food is delicious! We ate a lot!
After lunch, we were already looking for a place to rest, so we went to Tea Station to have some Bubble Tea. In the way we met Mion and we went together. As I’m quite new to Bubble Tea, I hadn’t bubble tea with tapioca bubbles yet, but it was awesome and very delicious.
最初に行ったのは、そごうショッピングモーム。そこでもう着なくなった洋服を交換に出し、私は、Angelic Prettyのドールハウス柄のワンピースを取り戻しました(同じ柄のものを何年か前に売ったのね、それがこうして今、私の手元に返ってきた、ハハハ)。それから、私たちは食事をしにデリカ・ハチコーに行きました。私はその場所が大好きなんです。とても落ち着いていて、あまり混んでおらず、そしてもちろん、食事もとてもおいしい! とてもたくさん、おいしいものを食べました!


As time was passing by, everyone ended up arriving and we occupied an entire table just for our group! It was so good and fun to see everyone again!

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