Fashion of SakuraCon 2018 サクラコン2018でのファッション(from Seattle, Washington ワシントン州シアトルからお届けします!)


Fashion of SakuraCon 2018


By Renee Marie
レポート レネー・マリエ

I loved seeing spirits shine through fashion at SakuraCon! While it seems that most USA conventions don’t enjoy many fashion brands, there are a few venues and organizers who seek to change that. Venues such as SakuraCon in Seattle, and organizers such as Rubab of FAKESTAR are bringing international talent such as Moi Meme Moitie and Mana to the U.S. stage. Due to this, many of my fellow lolita were out in plentiful numbers. The local community in Seattle is vibrant and excited, they were ecstatic to host a legendary icon such as Mana-sama, and pulled out all the stops to show it.

During the convention, there was a sewing and fashion workshop dedicated to Gothic Lolita Bible, KERA, and Cosmode. Attendees were encouraged to open up, read, discuss, and enjoy the magazines on display. You could also use provided tracing supplies (tracing paper, pencils, rulers) and trace the patterns from the mooks and inserts. You could also ask as many questions as you’d like from the workshop staff, who were very helpful! The collection of Japanese fashion magazines was the private stock of the panelist hosting the workshop, who also owns the manga for the manga library hosted by the same event each year. She was very knowledgeable, encouraging, and energetic, which really made for a great workshop where veterans and newcomers to the fashion could really get down to the science of making a garment, and also discuss the ways the fashion has changed over the course of its lifespan in Japanese – as well as Western – culture.
コンベンションにはGothic & Lolita BibleやKERA、Cosmodeが並べられ、自分で作ってみようのファッションワークショップなども模様されました。参加者は並べられた本を開き、中を見て仲間たちと話し合い、雑誌に触れて楽しみました。雑誌のムックや折り込みになっていたパターンや型紙をトレースする道具(トレーシング・ペーパー、鉛筆、ルーラーなど)も用意されていて、それを使うこともできました。その上、ワークショップのスタッフには質問をし放題。彼らもまた熱心に答えてくれました。集められていた日本のファッション雑誌はワークショップを主催したパネリストの個人所蔵のもので、その方は毎年催される漫画ライブラリーのための漫画も所蔵していました。彼女はとても知識豊富でエネルギッシュで、多くの勇気を人に与えます。そのワークショップもとてもすばらしく、ファッションに以前からかかわっている人にも新人さんにも洋服の作り方の科学をとても分かりやすく触れることができます。それから日本の文化の中で、また西洋の文化の流れの中でいかにこのファッションが移り変わってきたかのディスカッションもされました。


I hope you enjoy seeing these fashions just as much as I did! Thank you to everyone who let me take up part of their exciting weekend with photography and chatting about fashion!



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