広島県のchouchouange(シュシュアンジュ)4周年記念のお茶会   chouchouange’s 4th Anniversary Tea Party in Hiroshima! (from Hiroshima, 広島からお届けします!)


chouchouange’s 4th Anniversary Tea Party in Hiroshima!


Hey, everyone! Let me introduce myself first. My name is BABI, a presenter of Kawaii Culture giving lectures in Japan and abroad, basically speaking on Gothic & Lolita fashions. I am about to come to many Gothic & Lolita events, not just Japan, but all over the world this year!
This time I came to Hiroshima to make a report on an event held there, for the 4th Anniversary of the opening of chouchouange ( shop in March this year. This shop carries Gothic & Lolita brands in Hiroshima city. Triple*fortune’s Kaie and BABI were invited as guests to their 4th Anniversary Tea Party held on March 25th this year.

Many participants wore their costumes with their own coordination of Triple*fortune, that was the guest brand to the event, lighting up the floor brilliantly.

広島県は厳島神社と原爆ドームという2つの世界遺産をはじめ、古い歴史を持つ土地です。海外からの観光客も多く、国際的に開けた街でもあります。東京からも比較的交通の便が良いため、地方で行うKERA SNAPのスペシャルゲストとして読モのケラっ子達も多く訪れ、観光を楽しんでいたりします。
Hiroshima is a very historical city, with one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan, namely Itsukushima Jinja known as the “floating torii” shrine ( and the Atomic Bomb Dome (, both of them are designated a World Heritage site. Many tourists visit Hiroshima from all over the world, giving the city an international atmosphere. As it is easily accessible from Tokyo by Bullet Trains, many of KERA models have visited this city as special guests to KERA Photo snap shots, enjoying sight-seeing there.

Our guest designers and models visited one of the World Heritage Sites in Hiroshima, Itsukushima Shrine and enjoyed eating the city’s wonderful specialties like “Momiji Manju Sweet” and “Oysters.”

There were a lot of participants to the Tea Party, mainly with chouchouange customers and also Gothic & Lolita fashionistas from other neighboring prefectures.

Guest Designer Kaie and some participants really got into a good conversation.

The Tea Party was held at Art Café Elk ( near the chouchouange shop. We got the café all for ourselves, starting from Triple*fortune’s introduction of its latest line-ups and give-away presents from various brands and designers as the chouchouange shop carries their items for the shop’s 4th anniversary. The Tea Party was very successful in a celebratory mood.

There were try-on opportunities for the Triple*fortune’s latest line-ups.

The participants were eagerly listening to how-to tips of the latest dresses coordination and make-up methods given by the panelists.

A very delicious special sweets set with seasonal strawberries was served at the event.



As I was enjoying the wonderful sweet plate, I realized that we wearing Gothic & Lolita fashions in Hiroshima, where there are a lot of tourists from all over the world, is in itself none other than sending out the cultural message to the world. So I spoke and encouraged the participants to wear whatever they prefer with a lot of confidence.
We played a gesture game by dividing the participants’ table by table, and it was so fun and exciting! It was nice seeing the participants make friends among themselves.

Let’s continue with this celebratory mood, and encourage having more Gothic & Lolita lovers attend the 5th anniversary next year!!





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