Style Swap – Fairy Kei & Gothic Lolita スタイル交換会 - フェアリー・ケイ&ゴシック・ロリータの巻(from Mexico, メキシコからお届けします!!)


Style Swap – Fairy Kei & Gothic Lolita
スタイル交換会 - フェアリー・ケイ&ゴシック・ロリータの巻

By Regina Morales
レポート: レジーナ・モラレス

For J-fashion lovers like me, the style we choose to wear from Harajuku Fashion says a lot about someone. For instance, I have always been drawn to gothic, melancholic fashion and my take on Lolita is mostly dark and mysterious. And, when I met Kary I admired immediately her unabashedly girly, kawaii outfits in styles such as Sukeban or Fairy Kei, still I I found it hard to identify my own personality with something so pink and cute. It made me curious, actually. As the conversation went on I realized she felt the exact same way about gothic and Lolita, admiring the styles from afar without risking wearing them herself.

And thus, the idea of the style swap was born. Since in February in Mexico is the month of love and friendship, we decided to do it both as an experiment and as a symbol of acceptance and partnership between different Harajuku styles.

I ventured far, up north in Mexico City and arrived at her house where we had a video interview, that you will be able to catch in her page Chidori in a few weeks, since Kary is as you read this enjoying a well-deserved trip to Japan, and a small photoshoot in which you will be able to see the before and after of each other trying our opposite style.

Truth is I did feel cute and pretty, but not entirely myself as I wore her clothes. I think it was a great opportunity to get to know each other, as I giggled while she complained, saying wearing Lolita was a lot hotter than she imagined it would be and I told her I felt very naked having nothing to cover my thighs.

The images speak louder than words ever could, so I leave you with the image gallery and the thought that we are colorful allies and we should stand together if we are criticized or ostracized by our society, as it happens in mine, and coexist in peace and friendship, hoping that one day we won’t be inconvenienced with unwanted opinions and stares as we wear the fashion we love.

Thank you for your reading this report!!

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