世界庭園の姫君達~ワールドロリータコレクション~ レポート3  Princesses in the Golbal Garden: World Lolita Collection” Report 3



“Princesses in the Global Garden: World Lolita Collection” Report 3

主催 BrilliantStar☆デコレーションズ実行委員会 後援 Gothic&Lolita Bible
Hosted by Brilliant Star☆ Decorations Committee
Presented by Gothic Lolita Bible

On January 14th (Sunday), Gothic & Lolita fashion event “Princesses in the Global Garden: World Lolita Collection” was held at the Orion Room of the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. The first-ever global collaboration fashion show inviting Gothic & Lolita brands from 11 nations worldwide together with Japanese Gothic& Lolita brands was truly an extravaganza to watch! KERA models Misako Aoki, Ako Nagai, and Sakurako Hoshina appeared as models for the show.

お待たせしました3回目のレポートは「J Fashion」のファッションショーを中心にお届けします♪
「J Fashion」という言葉は、日本のゴシック&ロリータ好きの子達には聞きなれないかもしれません。ですが、世界で行われるイベントではゴシック&ロリータやポップカルチャーのファッションをこのように呼び、コスプレ等の仮装とは区別しています。

このJ Fashionショーは、これまでのブリデコに出展していたブランド中心で行われました。(KERA-ECのファッションショーの様子はKERA SHOP をチェックしてくださいね♪)
Our 3rd report of the event will focus on the J-Fashion presentation part featuring Japanese brands that have been regulars in the previous Brilliant Stars☆Decorations presentations. ♪
(For the KERA-EC fashion show, check out KERA SHOP )

A plenty to watch with new items, and the participants at the venue were paying really good attention and take in what happening on the stage.

Metamorphose temps de fille


俳優和合真一さん(左 白服)、安里勇也さんはファッションショー出演だけでなく、ショーの途中で「世界庭園」に因んで、昔、ヨーロッパ貴族がプラントハンターを世界中に派遣して珍しい植物を持ち帰り、庭を作った話をしたり、各ブランドさんからのプレゼントを配ったりしてくれました。
Actors Shinichi Wago (left, in white) and Yuya Azato walked the show, as well as sharing interesting tales to the guests about European nobles who dispatched Plant Hunters all over the world to bring back rare plants to fill their gardens. They also kindly passed out to the guests’ gifts provided by the participating brands.

elements, H

後半のJ Fashionショーは4回目のレポートにて。
So, what are your impressions?
Hope you got to feel what the wonderful new offerings from the respective brands were like.
If you fancy them, check out the KERA SHOP for more info!♪
And we will be showing new offerings from more brands in our next and fourth report of the event, as it will cover the latter part of the J-Fashion show.

Oh, by the way, we can’t forget mentioning the Special Menu meal that the guests were treated to at the event. To satisfy you curiosity, here are some of the dishes:

Dishes with wonderful names like “Garden of Roses & Herbs” and “Baked Salmon Pie of the Green Garden” were served. “Chiffon Cake with Flower Gelee” featured real rose petals inside the jelly, which spreads the sweet scent of the rose up to your nostrils when you broke open the jelly!

Cathy Cat, the Youtuber Fashionista with the deepest love for Gothic & Lolita was on hand at the event and has uploaded her report on the brands that provided on-spot sales at the event and also on the overall atmosphere of the venue that day. Her report includes interviews with event host BABI, Kaie, and international designers who came to Japan for the event, so be sure to check that out, too! ♪

Look forward to our fourth report of the event, too♪

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