Time after Time Capsule タイム・アフター・タイムカプセル(from Brazil、ブラジル、サンパウロからお届けします!)


Time after Time Capsule

By Ana Carolina de Oliveira Kusuki

On January 20th it was held at Japan House the event “Time after Time Capsule” from the kawaii culture ambassador Sebastian Masuda. J-fashion fans from all over Sao Paulo (and from others states who came to Sao Paulo only to participate), as well as sympathizers, were able to attend the lecture presented by Masuda in the morning and the workshop which happened in the afternoon.

As for the lecture, first we had a mini fashion show, with some j-fashion lovers from Sao Paulo wearing their favorite Japanese fashions; Later they talked about some of their inspirations, one of them was the Kera Magazine. After that, Masuda showed us a lot about the kawaii culture, its meaning and the history of Harajuku between 1970 and today. It was awesome!

In the afternoon, there was a workshop, where people could write a letter to themselves in 20 years. The letters were decorated with kawaii and colorful materials, and deposited in a huge bear. This bear (and his brothers from other countries) will be displayed in Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 and will return each one to each country starting in 2035.

The “time after time capsule” traveled the world since 2014, in countries like England, France and Bolivia. Brazil was the last stop from the trip, which was intended to disseminate the kawaii culture around the world.

We from Brazil would like to thank Sebastian Masuda for the awesome work!

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