Russian Lolita Christmas Tea Party ロシアのロリータクリスマス・ティーパーティー(from St. Petersburg, Russia ロシア、サンクトペテルブルクからお届けします!)


Russian Lolita Christmas Tea Party

By Lady Veruno (@lady_varuno) 

On 6th January we organized Christmas lolita’s tea party in our city – St. Petersburg.
In Russia we celebrate Christmas on 7 January (according to the Russian Orthodox calendar). After the 1917 Revolution, Christmas was banned throughout Russia, along with other religious celebrations. It wasn’t until 74 years later, in 1991, that the holiday was openly observed. Today, it’s once again celebrated in grand fashion, with the faithful participating in an all-night Mass in incense-filled Cathedrals amidst the company of the painted icons of Saints. In Russia people enjoy more days off over Christmas than any other country in Europe, starting on New Year’s Day and carrying through to Orthodox Christmas day. Traditions that remains include a big family meal on Christmas Eve which often features 12 courses to represent the 12 apostles. I think that our Lolitas community is like a family, so, we decided to get together on Christmas Eve.

The theme of tea-party was a Christmas Masquerade. In Russia we have old tradition – “Kolyada”. On Christmas Eve young people and kids dress up to mythical characters in order to protect from evil spirits. Thus, every Lolita was inspirited by some character. For example, I was a cat, my friends Mora, Victoria and Raiu Hime were a bears, Chibi Kotoko was a Mrs. Santa and etc.

We decided to make our group photo like Leonardo Da Vinci’s fresco “L’Ultima Cena’’. This fresco has religious theme and perfectly suits for Christmas Lolita’s photo.

On the tea party which was held in Italian restaurant we tried many delicious dishes – pizza, pasta, different salads and of course cakes! In this time we chatted a lot, had fun, made kabedon, discussed about new brand’s releases, new films and tv-shows.
ティーパーティーはイタリアン・レストランで催され、私たちはたくさんおいしい料理を試しました - ピザでしょ、パスタ、違ったタイプのサラダ、そしてもちろんケーキ! たくさんおしゃべりもして、とっても楽しく、壁ドンもしたいし、ブランドからの最新作や、新しい映画、新しいテレビショーたくさんお喋りしました。



In the end of tea-party we presented gifts to each other and made cheki–photos!
We spent time great and we hope that we will spend funny next year!


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