Poppin Cookin Winter Tea Party ポッピンクッキング、冬のティーパーティー (from USA、アメリカ、ノースキャロライナからお届けします)


Poppin Cookin Winter Tea Party

By Renée Marie
レポート: レネー・マリエ

This Carolina Kei meetup took place in Greensboro, NC at the Weir-Jordan House. This historically accurate home was complete with multiple staircases, fireplaces, alcoves, a beautiful piano, classical paintings, and superb orchestral music playing while we dined.

This event was put together by Feydyn, who organized all the little details – from coordinating with the venue on the delicious menu and holiday décor, to the special mulled wine that was brought by one of the guests, the gift swap after our tea, as well as the poppin cookin kits that were provided to attendees to be crafted together. It was a super fun time that I adored participating in, especially since everyone was smiling and laughing most of our time together.

Usually poppin cookin kits are so frustrating when you don’t know what to do next, or miss a step, but even with the failure moments, we still had a fantastic time experimenting and having fun trying! Some of the final results looked much better than others, and many of them tasted worse than they looked, but overall it was a delightful activity that will be sure to be repeated in the future.

I was glad to see the wide variety of age groups and backgrounds of attendees, some new faces were at this meetup, too! It is always so lovely chillin’ with my fellow community members, and even more so with all the fun activities Feydyn coordinated for us all. The mishaps, the hilarity, the new friends and the old friends, the yummy food, and the gorgeous frills… it’s all so lovely to me.
Until next time – Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, everyone!

今回はいろいろな年齢層の、暮らしている環境も違う人が参加してくれて、中には今回が初めてという人も。自分の仲間たちであるコミュニティーのメンバーと会うのはいつもいい感じ。フェイディンが用意してくれた楽しいアクティビティがあったから、なおさらそう思える。いろいろな事件、バカ騒ぎ、新しい友達、昔からの仲間、おいしい食事とゴージャスなフリル… そんなものが私にはとても愛おしい!!



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