OTT Gothic High Tea! (Dutch Lolita Community) オーバー・ザ・トップ、ゴシック・ハイ・ティー!(オランダ・ロリータ・コミュニティ)(from The Netherlands オランダからお届けします)


OTT Gothic High Tea! (Dutch Lolita Community)

Reported by Liv Lotte
レポート: リヴ・ロッテ

This past Saturday, two of my friends from the Dutch Lolita Community and I organized a high tea in Utrecht, a city in the middle of The Netherlands. We had 21 attendees and the special theme was OTT (over-the-top) Gothic Lolita. No cute pastel dresses or classy floral pieces this time! 😉

For the high tea, we made the reservation at a cozy vintage-themed bakery shop. They served many different kinds of cakes, delicious scones with clotted cream, some savory quiches, sandwiches and of course, unlimited tea!
I personally really enjoyed the fresh mint tea and dark chocolate pastries ^^. Also, look at that lovely tableware!


Outfit snaps

Cute photo of Georgia (@Blushingrabbit), wearing a lovely all-black AatP JSK and her black Triple Fortune bonnet.
Alice and the Piratesのかわいい黒のジャンパースカートとトリプル・フォーチュンの帽子を合わせたジョージア(@Blushingrabbit)

After the high tea, we all headed to the city’s cathedral, to take the group picture and some outfit snaps in the near garden. Everyone just looked so good!

Josine (@josinemaaike) from The Netherlands, wearing this stunning coord with her Voodoodolly hat and My Inspiration embroidery bag.

Jessica from The Netherlands wearing the beautiful Corset Bustle JSK by Atelier Pierrot and a magnificent lace blouse.

Luise (@luise_trenker) from Germany wearing this beautiful ensemble of gothic necklaces and a gorgeous Voodoodolly crown.

Me (@livlotte), wearing Haenuli’s Promise of the Eternal in Yellow. I crafted the badger skull and feather headdress, chicken skull brooch, and other feathery accessories, especially for the occasion.
ヘヌリのPromise of the Eternalの黄色のドレスを着ている私(@livlotte) この日のために、アナグマの骸骨と鶏の骸骨のブローチや羽飾りのついたアクセを作りました。

In the end, we had some rain and I wish I’d taken more pictures, but overall I think the meetup was quite a success. It was fun to see everyone wearing Gothic Lolita since most of us usually wear classic or sweet (it was my own first time wearing Gothic as well!).
Themed meetups like this can sometimes be challenging, but I think they really help keeping the creativity of a fashion style alive. Maybe a good idea for your own community’s next meet? 🙂


Thank you for reading!


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