Halloween at Shop in Wonderland  Shop in Wonderlandのハロウィンパーティー!(from USA、アメリカ、テキサスからお届けします!)


Halloween at Shop in Wonderland
Shop in Wonderlandのハロウィンパーティー!

Houston, TX, USA
By Daniela Michelle
レポート ダニエラ・ミシェル

October is a time for festivities and dressing up, two of our favorite things at Shop in Wonderland! Just as last year, we held a party, welcoming all of our friends and fans to show off their best scary outfits. This year, we put a twist on our decorating by making the honorary theme of the night Harry Potter!
10月というのはフェスティバルの季節でしょ、着飾らなくっちゃね。という訳で、その二つが大好きなShop in Wonderland!では去年もそうしたように、今年も友人たちやファンの人たちをたくさん呼んでパーティーを開きました! 思い思いに一番怖いと思う服装で集まってもらったというわけですが、今年のテーマはちょっとひねりを加えて、「ハリー・ポッター」の夜、というテーマにしてみました。

There were yummy treats for everyone that came and tons to see. We had a real Sorting Hat to make the experience as authentic as possible with a House Cup at the end of the night. Our wonderful photographers and Staff helped to make the night absolutely perfect by playing along and giving our special guests a night to remember.


In honor of our love of fashion, we held our Costume Contest in a Fashion Show manner, allowing 40 contestants to show off the best parts of their outfits. Please enjoy their unique style!

After all of the festivities and fun, we gathered together to cut a majestic cake and give gifts to those that made the night amazing~

Happy Halloween!


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