Sweet Escape: Lolita Weekend in Puebla 甘い逃亡:プエブラでのロリータな週末(from Mexico メキシコからお届けします!)


Sweet Escape: Lolita Weekend in Puebla

By Regina Morales (Chai Latte)

You may have heard of this, my home country Mexico was affected badly by two major earthquakes, one south of the country in Oaxaca in early September, and more recently one that struck my city very hard the 19th of the month.
After these very difficult and exhausting weeks focused on helping the nation get back on its feet, I decided I needed a much-deserved break. Thus, I had already planned a visit to gorgeous Puebla with my sweet friends at the community Carrusel de Rosas and decide to follow through with my original idea.

I arrived at Puebla to be met by lovely Yuriko at night, so on Friday we just went out to dinner to a beautiful restaurant called Musa, with a really cool vibe and great background music. I would definitely recommend it in case you visit the city, it occasionally holds bazaars and artist gatherings. I actually bought a very cute YOI sticker of my favorite character, Yuri Plisetsky.

Yuriko (on the left) & Muffin, ユリコ(左)とマフィン

Along came the morning, and with it the lolita meet up at the Hotel de Antaño. The restaurant we attended is called “La Casa de los Espejos” or The House of Mirrors. It was a small, intimate gathering that doubled its purpose as a sight-seeing for me and the farewell reunion for a dear community member who goes by the name Ferpina, who is now living in Germany.

Ferpina on the right、右にいるのがフェルピーナ

The location was perfect for a meetup, I especially loved the honoring of the restaurant’s name with the big silver lined mirrors shown here in the pictures. The food was also delicious, offering a variety of Mexican dish specialties and a few other options. It was hard to make up my mind on what to order! After that, the waiters and manager graciously let us have a mini photo shoot, which you can see right here.


Chai Latte (me, in red), Headdress: Sunako Creaciones, Necklace: Carrusel de Rosas, Pin: Ling Xi, Blouse: Liz Lisa
JSK: Bodyline, Cinderella Bunny, Kneesocks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Shoes: Off brand

Lupita (in yellow), Jsk: Puppets, Blouse: Puppets, Accesories and shoes: Off brand


Ferpina (in white and black): JSK: Haneuli, Blouse: Offbrand, Accessories and shoes: Offbrand

I must say, personally, being in such a small, intimate gathering was a nice change of pace, where I could talk to everyone and get to know them a little better, aside from truly appreciating each others’ style and coordinates. I was overjoyed, for they greeted me as a member of their community even if I don’t live in their state. I am looking forward to visiting Puebla time and time again, hopefully in more lovely lolita events organized by the lovely Muffin, Ferpina, Yuriko and Lupita.

Photos by: Ferpina Glados, Yuriko Vázquez 写真撮影:フェルピーナ・グラドス、ユリコ・バスケス



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