My Top 5 Taobao-based Lolita Brand Rankings 中国・タオバオ(淘宝)で買えるロリータ・ブランドランキング 私のトップ5 (from China 中国からお届けします)


My Top 5 Taobao-based Lolita Brand Rankings
中国・タオバオ(淘宝)で買えるロリータ・ブランドランキング 私のトップ5
By Charlene Ng

Chinese lolita brands have been on the rise lately with their stellar quality and prints at affordable prices. These brands are a godsend for lolitas who don’t have the luxury of a large disposable income to blow on coordinates (great for a broke student like me!). Designs are often sold on a pre-order-only basis, so always take note of the deadlines, listen in-store if you’re eyeing a print!

(All images are taken from respective taobao store listings)

5. Morning Glory 第5位 モーニング・グローリー
Store link:
Morning Glory always keeps a bunch of essentials like blouses and purses in stock, in a variety of colours. It’s perfect if you need something to match the occasional odd-coloured JSK, or if you’d like a little more pop of colour in place of usual white or black-based blouses.

Aside from essentials, Morning Glory also releases several of their own prints.



4. Strawberry Witch 第4位 ストロベリー・ウィッチ
Store link:
Strawberry Witch is perhaps one of the most well-known Taobao lolita brands. This sweet lolita brand is one of the few stores that keeps a large roster of ready-made items in stock at any one time, unlike most that only run 2-3 pre-orders at once.


3. Summer Fairy 第3位 サマー・フェアリー
Store link:
Summer Fairy covers a wider range of lolita styles. Their current stock covers ground from sweet to classic to even matching wear for infants! The star of the store however, is the guro-kawaii “Dolly Cross Hospital” print. The print (which is still up for pre-order!) features cutesy yet gory surgical scalpels and dolls reminiscent of Gekidan Inu Curry’s (of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” fame) artwork.

2. Chemical Romance 第2位 ケミカル・ロマンス
Store link:
Chemical Romance is the quintessential sweet lolita store, stocking pastel prints featuring teddy bears and ice creams.


1. Moonlight Forest 第1位 ムーンライト・フォレスト
Store link:
Moonlight Forest’s prints are perhaps the most detailed I’ve ever seen among Taobao brands. They don’t often stock many prints at once (as of 1st October they have just one print available). Its prints are ethereal and often become extremely coveted among international lolitas.


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