International Lolita Day  国際ロリータ・デーのレポート(from the USA)


International Lolita Day 国際ロリータ・デーのレポート(from the USA)

By Alexa Bauman アレクサ・バウマン

Twice a year, International Lolita Day is celebrated across the globe: once on the first Saturday of June, and once on the first Saturday in December. It’s a great way to bring lolita community members together and plan fun events. This year’s summer celebration of International Lolita Day fell on June 3rd and my friend Melanie organized a wonderful meet up at Royal Tea House on Long Island, New York. We had our own tea service, with brews that were chosen based on our personal preferences. My favorite tea was one that was very fruity, almost like fruit punch. The tea house also provided us with several delicious snacks, such as avocado toast, scones, and cheesecake. Unlike some tea parties I’ve had in the past, Royal Tea House offered a few more savory options as well. As much as I love eating sweets, I find sweet and savory to be the best flavor combination.

Besides Melanie and myself, three of my other lolita friends (Tiffany, Kat, and Tara) attended, as well as my boyfriend, Hugo. He wore a nautical-themed ouji outfit designed by Soufflesong. He also did my makeup for me beforehand, giving me a very soft, warm glow. I wore Angelic Pretty’s Romantic Frill OP in pink, which is one of my favorite dresses. I had been searching for it for years and finally found it a few years ago on Yahoo! Japan Auctions, for a much cheaper price than I expected. I snatched it up and now reserve it for more formal occasions and meetups. In addition, I was happy I was able to incorporate a beautiful, detailed flower crown into my coordinate. I bought it at the Renaissance Faire in New York last year and thought it would go well with a few of my dresses.

Before the tea party began, Melanie held a raffle and a couple of lolitas won some cute prizes. It was a fun way to bring some excitement to the meetup and really create the spirit of an international celebration of lolita fashion. We all had many pleasant conversations about our favorite styles of lolita, funny happenings in our daily lives, reality television shows, and more. Once we finished our meal, the staff members of the tea house were very kind and offered to take our picture and put it on their Facebook page. The tea house had an attractive central sitting area decorated with some faux greenery. The staff allowed us to sit on the tops of the seats and pose while they took a few shots. We were a very well-dressed bunch!
Unfortunately, Tiffany had to leave as soon as we were done taking photos in the tea house. The rest of us left and wandered around the town of Great Neck. While there were a lot of cute little shops and eateries, we mainly set off to look for a nice, shady spot for individual outfit shots. We soon found one by the Village Hall of Great Neck. Tara took photos for us and helped us pose. She gave me very good directions on how to smile and pose naturally in photos. Without her help, my picture with Hugo would not have come out so well. After taking photos and chatting a little while longer, all of us parted ways. I always look forward to International Lolita Day, and now it’s time to start planning for December!


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