Lolita in Holambra   ホランブラのロリータ(from Brazil)


by Ana Carolina

Holambra, Brazil

As a part of my vacations from university, I went to Holambra, a small town in São Paulo state, in Brazil. Holambra is well known as the “city of flowers”; it was formed by immigrants from The Netherlands who came to Brazil after the World War II.



Every year Holambra has a festival denominated Expoflora, which is very famous for the awesome flowers expositions. As the city gets really full of people in this time of year, I decided to go a month earlier to avoid the crowd. It is a really peaceful city, I wish I could live there.


My boyfriend took many photos of our visit!


Outfit: Bow: detachable from the dress | OP: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright | Blouse: off-brand | Socks: off-brand | Shoes: Cotton Candy Feet | Bag: Angelic Pretty | Bow ring: Chocomint

リボン: 洋服からとれるようになっているものの、ワンピース:ベイビー,ザ スターズ シャイン ブライトベイビー、ブラウス:ノーブランドのもの、ソックス:ノーブランドのもの、靴:コットン・キャンディー・フィート、バッグ:アンジェリック・プリティ、リボンのリング:チョコミント


Before going home, we went to Zoet en Zout, a confectionery located near the lake, to buy a special sweet, called Rozen Gebak, a sweet made from roses! It is so good!

家に帰る前、湖のそばにあるお菓子屋さん、「Zoet en Zout」に行って、Rozen Gebakと呼ばれるお菓子を買いました。バラからできているお菓子で、とてもおいしいの。


I love Holambra so much! I hope I can return there soon!




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