Event report: A Midsummer Day’s Dream イベントレポート:ある真夏の日の夢(from the Netherlands)


July 2th, 2017

by Liv Lotte

Hi there! My name is Liv Lotte (Letter to Lotta) and I am the International KERA ambassador from The Netherlands. This will be my first report for KERA, introducing the Dutch Lolita Community to you all!


This past July, some of my friends organized a great Lolita event in Amsterdam. The venue, serving around 40 attendees, was a glass house, which suited the ‘Midsummer’ floral theme just perfectly.

The event started at one o’clock in the afternoon. After the welcome speech, we had some time to shop from one of the lovely vendors, or sell some of our own pieces at the Bring & Buy stall.



Besides shopping, of course, we took our time to chat with friends and to take some outfit shots as well, just look at all those amazing coordinates!



Mimi & Deborah  ミミとデボラ



Lima & Sara    リマとサラ



My classic lolita coordinate of the day, wearing Innocent World’s Antique Rose JSK


For lunch, there was a grand food buffet with all kinds of delicious slices of bread and salads. I really ate so many of those avocado sandwiches haha! ^^


Then after lunch, it was time for the special lecture about Lolita fashion by Josine and Anne. They explained to us how to combine historical European fashions with our modern lolita coordinates. As a lover of 20ies and Victorian fashion styles, I really enjoyed seeing all the examples they showed us and I definitely got inspired!



The final official activity of the event was the name bingo. Some of the vendors had donated prices and, even though I did not win anything myself, it was fun to ask everyone’s names and wait until someone got a bingo! After this, there was some more time to chat and take outfit snaps before the event really came to its end…


As you may have noticed I had a great time this day. The location and weather were both perfect and everyone looked stunning! It is always good to meet my friends again, especially when it’s so many at the same time <3.


I would like to thank the organization, Anne, Josine, Katie, Renske & Marinda, for all the hard work on this event! And of course a big thank you to the official photographer Miradel, who made all the stunning pictures featured in this report!


Thank you for reading!



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