Welcoming Meet for the Dutch Lolita Community  初めての人たちを迎えて、オランダ・ロリータ・コミュニティ歓迎会! (from the Netherlands オランダからお届けします!)


Welcoming Meet for the Dutch Lolita Community


By Liv Lotte (Letter to Lotta)
リヴ・ロッテ (レター・トゥー・ロッタ)

The Dutch local Lolita community group on Facebook (Dutch Lolitas) has been growing quite a lot over the past few years. However, some newcomers to this fashion seemed to find it a bit difficult to actually become part of our group and were nervous about attending any of the meetups. This is why I decided to host a special meetup for beginning lolitas, focussing primarily on new and older lolitas meeting and getting to know each other.

We wanted this to be very casual, fun and not too expensive, so I decided to go for a cosy and pretty cheap bagel cafe. I made the reservation for 23 people, but we ended up having 28 attendees. It was quite small and I still cannot believe we all fitted in there, but at least I was super happy that so many (new) people had showed up!

Besides some other small games, the main activity was the introduction round. Before the meet, Willemijn (another Dutch girl from the community) and I had asked everyone to send in one little funny or weird fact about themselves. During the introduction round, we read those facts aloud to the group, after which attendees needed to guess whom the fact was about. Every time a fact and a person were matched correctly, that person would shortly tell something about themselves and others could ask questions. It was really nice to hear about the cool hobby’s some people have outside of wearing lolita and to listen to the stories about how everyone first got into Japanese fashion.

After all the tea, bagels and fun activities, we made a group picture and some outfit snaps. Thank you Poppy Noir, for taking the ones I used in this article!
お茶もベーグルもいただいて、楽しいアクティビティをしたあとは、グループ写真とスナップ写真を撮りました。ポピー・ノアール(Poppy Noir)がこのレポートの写真を全部取ってくれたの。ありがとう、ポピー・ノアール!

My classic coordinate for the day, wearing a JSK by Innocent World, an bonnet by Angelic Pretty and shoes and the heart shaped bag by Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
私のその日のコーデは、Innocent WorldのJSK、Angelic Prettyの帽子と靴、そしてBaby the Stars Shine Brightのハートのかたちをしたバッグというもの。

Ellis, wearing her own handmade JSK.

Poppy and her husband Alexander. She was wearing a lovely dress by Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
これはポピーと彼女の旦那様アレクサンダー。彼女もBaby the Stars Shine Brightのかわいいドレスを着ているわ。

Mairin wearing her own handmade JSK and colorful accessories!


I would like to thank everyone for coming! I think this beginners meetup was a success . It was nice to see all this fresh enthusiasm for lolita fashion and I really hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did!  Thank you for reading!
この会に集まってくれたみんなに感謝の気持ちを送ります。この初心者歓迎の集まりは成功だったと思います ロリータファッションに一生懸命になってくれる新しい人は大歓迎、そしてみんなも私と同じくらい楽しいと思ってくれたら、とてもうれしいです。

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