文化祭に行ってみました!Q-pot. 17th Anniversary『Q-pot. High School 文化祭 ~Forever Seventeen~』



Q-pot.CAFE 17th anniversary school festival report. Exploring dream school! 


Reporter: Kurono Mari (@kuronomari)

先週、Q-pot. CAFE(表参道)の入り口には「 Q-pot.HIGH SCHOOL」のポスターが貼られていました。「HIGH SCHOOL」て何?、その理由は、なんとQ-pot.の17回目の誕生日イベントでした!9月9日はQの日でQ-pot.は毎年誕生日を祝っている日です。今年は17周年で17歳の青春をイメージしてQ-pot高校の文化祭としてイベントが催されました。 ワクワクしながらQ-pot. の文化祭に参加してきました!

Last week on the entrance of Q-pot. CAFE appeared a poster with “Q-pot. HIGH SCHOOL” on it. The reason for a usual cafe to become a high school festival was no other than Q-Pot 17th anniversary celebration! 9th of September is considered to be Q day (as nine in Japanese is pronounced as “kyu”) and is celebrated every year as birthday of Q-pot cafe. This year became a 17th anniversary and a high school festival was chosen as theme for this year’s event. For a teenage girl the age of 17 is the age of youth and fun so Q-Pot cafe invited everyone to their own dream school for a two-day fun event. And I  got a chance to visit school festival too!


When I got inside the usual cafe place became a “cafeteria” and a shelf with magazines and packets turned into “library”. I also spotted “photo club” and “beauty research club” like in real school!

ピンクのQ-pot. ランドセルとてもかわいいでしょう?小学生時代に戻りたくなりました…

This pink Q-pot. school backpack was so cute that for a moment I wished I could return to my elementary school years…

文化祭記念グッズもかわいかったです!「Q-POT. HIGH SCHOOL」ロゴの赤いトートバッグとミラーは可愛くてお洒落でしょう?缶バッジも靴下もあります。アメリカのハイスクールの女子が使いそうなアイテムをイメージしてグッズが作られたそうです!

Q-Pot. High School event goods were also very cute! Tote bag with Q-POT. HIGH SCHOOL logo and high socks with cherries look really fashionable and easy to arrange with any clothes! They also had badges and mirror to complete the look. Items had the image of American high school cheerleader girls with flashy red pompoms.


On the third floor was “beauty research club” room! Let’s peek inside…

「美容研究部」の部室にはキラキラメイク道具とかわいいアクセサリーがたくさん置いてありました。そこはメイクブースのイベントでした! 無料のワンポイントメイクの他にプラス500円でプチヘアアレンジに挑戦することにしました!

In the “Beauty research club” I saw tons of make up tools and cute sparkling accessories! I found out it was make-up booth as one of activities of the school festival. A free one-point make-up and 500 yen hair arrange service was offered there so I decided to give it a try !


Doing hair arrange now! I wonder what result would be in the end…


Hair arrange and make-up done! I got my hair made into two wavy ponytails with sparkling ribbons! After getting my hair done I hurried up to “Photo club” so I can finally take a photo for my Student ID card. I wish back into my school days ,my own school ID had a pink frame and cute design too…


I started feeling a little bit hungry after exploring school festival so I hurried to cafeteria!

カフェテリアの中もとてもかわいい!このイベントのための赤いチアリーダー ポンポンとサクランボ風船が飾られていてかわいさはさらにアップです!

 Cafeteria inside was extremely cute as well! With red pompoms and cherry-like balloons that were created for the event the cafe room became even more magical and charming.

Q-pot CAFE.のスタンダードメニューのネックレスプレートで選んだのはベリーマカロン!Q-potアクセサリーをイメージにしているお菓子シリーズです。見た目のかわいさだけじゃなくて、甘酸っぱいフランボワーズとカシスのムースとフレッシュなベリーの組み合わせは今まで食べたことない味でした。飲み物は夏限定のピーチピンク ソーダフロートです!ピンクグレープフルーツシロップを炭酸で割り、塩ミルクアイスに桃のシロップの組み合わせは夏ならではの爽やかさです。美味しくて大満足でした!

I ordered Necklace Plate with Berry Macaron from the usual Q-pot. cafe menu. Deserts are created based on the existing accessories that are also sold in the store. Not only cute on the outside, made with a sweaty sour cassis mousse and fresh strawberries this desert tasted like nothing I ever tried before. For my drink I chose Peach Pink Soda from summer limited menu. Pink grapefruit syrup mixed with sparkling water and milk created a tasty and refreshing combination to enjoy. I could get enough of both!



By the way for today’s outfit I chose high-knee socks with white blouse to get an image of the school uniform, did I get it right? 

After finishing my meal at cafeteria it was my time to return back home. Spending a day at “school festival” was so much fun with many things to try and explore. If such school really existed I would like to go there everyday!


Looking forward to the new events and collaborations Q.Pot is going to bring in the future! 



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