Bunny Brunch: Easter with the Dutch Lolita Community バニーブランチ:オランダ・ロリータコミュニティのイースター(from The Netherlands、オランダからお届けします!)


Bunny Brunch: Easter with the Dutch Lolita Community

Reported by Liv Lotte

Hi everyone! Today I would like to tell you about our Lolita community’s Easter celebration in The Netherlands. The theme for our meetup was ‘Bunny Brunch’, so expect to see a lot of cute bunny ears and prints!
みんな、こんにちは! 今日は、皆さんにここオランダ、私たちロリータコミュニティのイースターのお祝いのお話をしたいと思います。私たちのミートアップのテーマはずばり「バニーブランチ」。かわいいウサギさんの耳やプリントがたくさん、そんなお祝いになりました。

We gathered at a really lovely pink café which offered a lot of different streetfood-inspired dishes, such as Korean Kimchi Waffles or sweet fluffy pancakes!
The interior was absolutely stylish and I just couldn’t get enough of all the pink!

Above you can see adorable Rossella (left) and Katie (right), both wearing some really sweet bunny accessories. Katie crafted her bunny ears herself!

Let’s look at some more outfit snaps now!

Josine (left) is wearing a beautiful Alice in Wonderland dress by Vierge Vampur, adorable white bunny ears and the cutest bunny bag by Putumayo.
Anne (right) is wearing an adorable outfit from Angelic Pretty, including an amazing bunny bag and matching bunny socks!
ジョジーン(写真左)はきれいなVierge Vampurの「不思議の国のアリス」のドレスに真っ白なウサギの耳、それからとてもかわいいPutumayoのウサギのバッグを合わせています。
アンネ(右)はAngelic Prettyのかわいらしいドレスに、ウサギのバッグそしてウサギのソックスがぴったり。

Of course, we cannot forget these two really cute Oldschool Lolita outfits by Lima (in black) and Olga (in white and pink). They both had the same tote bags and incorporated bunny ears into their looks as well.

I myself wore the ‘Pastel a la Mode’ onepiece by Angelic Pretty and red rocking horse shoes to match the oldschool theme of the dress. To add more of a nostalgic ‘oldschool vibe’ to the left image, I edited it to look a bit like an old KERA magazine page. I had loads of fun with that!
私自身はAngelic Pretty の「Pastel a la Mode」のワンピと赤いロッキングホースの靴をオールドスクールというテーマで合わせてみました。オールドスクールというノスタルジックな雰囲気を出すために昔のKERAマガジンのページをまねた写真も撮ってみました。こういうのってすごく楽しいですよね。
All in all, it was a really successful day and everyone looked totally fabulous. I hope you had a lovely Easter (or other spring celebration) as well and I wish a happy spring to you all!

Greetings from The Netherlands!
By Liv Lotte (@livlotte)

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