Sao Paulo’s Easter Meet up サンパウロのイースター・ミートアップ(from Sao Paulo, Brazil ブラジルはサンパウロからお届けします!)


[Event Report] Sao Paulo’s Easter Meet up (Apr 27th, 2019)

By Ana Carolina de Oliveira Kusuki

What was already good got even better. The Condimento, a cute and cozy cafe with romantic decoration, very loved by the São Paulo’s lolita community, went through an expansion in the last times, always keeping those sweet and romantic vibes. With more space, we had a whole table just for us. We were in about 15 people between lolitas and her boyfriends.
これまでだってずっと良かったものが、さらに良くなりました。The Condimento、という可愛らしくて、居心地の良いカフェ、ロマンチックな飾り付けが素敵でサンパウロのロリータコミュニティお気に入りの場所が最近、大きく拡張したんです。でも今まで通り、スイートでロマンチックな雰囲気はそのままなんですよ。席が増えたので、今回、私たちだけのテーブルを取ることができました。ロリータさんたちとその彼氏さんたちで、全部で15人のミートアップでした。

Organized by Lais, the meet’s theme was Easter. It started by the afternoon; the cafe’s staff guided us from the pink and cute entrance to a reserved part of the cafe, where a long white table awaited for us with cute decoration. While the staff took each one’s orders, we were watched by the curious eyes of the customers.

“Look, a doll!”, and “You are so cute” were some of the most said compliments. Between each of our conversations, people came and asked for photos.

As always, we took many photos! The decoration was stunning as usual, and each one’s outfit too!
いつもの通り、私たちもたくさんの写真を撮りました! いつもの通り、飾りつけは見事なもの、そしてそれぞれのドレスも最高です!

It was very good to see everybody again! I would like to express my deepest thanks to the Condimento’s Staff, who treated us so well and kindly, and a big thank you to Lais, who organized everything! You are amazing!
またこうして、みんなに会えたことはすばらしいことです! お店The Condimentoにも深く感謝を表したいと思います。すごく良くしてもらったし、優しくしてもらいました。それから、すべてを仕切ってくれたLaisにも、感謝! あなた、最高ヨ!




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