Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver! バンクーバーでお花見フェスティバル!(From Vancover, Canada カナダはバンクーバーからお届けします!)


Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver!

-Michelle Aria

This last weekend (April 11-15) there were no Events going on with the local Lolita fashion community, so I travelled to Canada’s coastal city, Vancouver, for their Cherry Blossom Festival! I even wore Lolita on the airplane. I wore my petticoats on the plane so they wouldn’t take up my entire suitcase, which is a good packing tip to keep in mind for any travelling Lolitas.

Upon arrival in Vancouver, it was quite rainy. Edmonton still had snow on the ground in some places when we left, so it was difficult to anticipate the weather on the coast (Canada has various weather conditions across the country). Luckily I packed rain shoes that would match my Lolita outfits (Kate Spade New York), umbrellas, and a coat by Metamorphose which was water resistant.

All of Vancouver was in bloom with different flowers including tulips, camellias, magnolias, and of course cherry blossoms. My travel companions and I enjoyed two events for the Cherry Blossom Festival at Queen Elizabeth Park and VanDusen Botanical Garden. The VanDusen garden had a Japanese cultural fair where people were able to rent Kimonos and Yukata. There were foods to try and performances on a stage, and we were even given free gifts like an Uchiwa (団扇).

Aside from the festival, my companions and I enjoyed activities such as bicycling around the Vancouver sea wall, visiting Granville Island Market (a large indoor farmers market), walking through Stanley Park (a large green space in the heart of the city), and shopping at Aberdeen center (which has an interesting pink arcade inside that is very cute). Vancouver is home to a few microbreweries, candy shops, and pastry shops. I highly recommend it as a travel destination for foreign Lolitas and Japanese fashion enthusiasts.

Thank you for reading my report!



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