Segunda Reunión Decora CDMX  デコラ 2度目の再会:CDMX(from Mexico、メキシコからお届けします!)


Segunda Reunión Decora CDMX
デコラ 2度目の再会:CDMX

Text: Chai Latte
Photography: Black Tanke Duran

It has been quite a long time since I wanted to dedicate an article to Decora fashion. I find it hard to make something so kitsch work, and yet I have seen time and time again fabulous outfits, no matter which color palette or inspiration that has taken my breath away, even if I can’t imagine myself wearing it I have always admired those who do.

This is the main reason behind this article, that one time I snuck inside the Segunda Reunión Decora CDMX, in full gothic Lolita and just about in time for my favorite time of the year: Halloween.

It was organized by stylish Yukicornio, one of the most known Decoras in the city, her channel Unicornio Harajuku a must for anyone interested in tutorials, interviews, and reviews in Spanish in general about Harajuku Fashion, Darien Schartz, the talented king of invention. His style is so unique, a fusion of Mexican elements along with Japanese streetwear he is one of the great creative minds from the Latinamerican scene. Also organizing was Elay Puffle whose style can be really sweet or dark, but whose love for detail can be seen in every one of his outfits. Last but not least, Alex Ryohei, who doesn’t use decora style himself but shares the love for it helped along organizing, making him vital for the event.

The event was held at a park, the outdoor location helpful as an interesting backdrop for photos and spacious enough to hold all of the assistants. The event was simple, a small runway with the participants for the best dressed as we simultaneously had a personal photo shoot with the support of both Asia Stage and Gus Black Tanke, and prizes given by brands like Sweet and Sour (kawaii accessories and apparel) and Sahar Cosmetics among a few others.
It was mostly a relaxed event, where most of us could chat amongst ourselves, which I enjoyed very much, almost as much as witnessing the love and care with which they create their outfits, following the inspiring aesthetic of both Halloween and the popular Mexican holiday Day of the Dead.

I must admit even if I don’t wear the substyle myself, the attendees were lovely, interesting and had a lot to offer. I even felt the curiosity of trying it myself, with the help of Yukicornio I hope someday soon I will be able to make a proper outfit to show you all.

As always I close this article encouraging any of you who want to try Decora fashion to be brave and try for yourselves. Even if it’s not as good as you would like it at first, you’ll get there eventually and we hope you can join us in the future, online and maybe even in person.
This is all for now, and I hope you will remain here for my next article about the grandiose Lolita event in Puebla called la Corte de la Reina.

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