Midsummer Tea Party北海道KERASHOPMaria札幌店主催  Midsummer Tea Party hosted by Hokkaido KERASHOPMaria Sapporo (from Sapporo, Japan, 札幌からお届けします!)


Midsummer Tea Party北海道KERASHOPMaria札幌店主催
Midsummer Tea Party hosted by Hokkaido KERASHOPMaria Sapporo

レポート:BABI カメラマン:あまなつ、のどか
Report by BABI Photos by Amanatsu & Nodoka

こんにちは、海外や日本でゴシック&ロリータを主としたKawaii文化講演等を行っているBABIです。今回のレポートは日本の北海道からです。札幌市にあるKERAのオフィシャルショップのひとつ、KERASHOPMaria札幌店(@KERASHOPMaria)が、7月29日に「Midsummer Tea Party 」というお茶会を開催し、Triple*fortuneのデザイナーKaieさんとBABIがゲストとして招かれました。
Hi, this is BABI, missionary of Kawaii culture, mainly Gothic & Lolita, traveling both inside Japan and overseas. This time I am going to report on the “Midsummer Tea Party” that was held on July 29 in Hokkaido, Japan by KERASHOPMaria Sapporo (@KERASHOPMaria) which is an official KERA shop located in Sapporo. Triple*fortune designer Kaie-san and yours truly BABI were invited as guests at the event!

「Midsummer Tea Party 」に参加されたお客様。夏らしい涼しい装いに工夫が見られ、また重ね着をセンス良くまとめている方が多かったです
The participants at the Midsummer Tea Party. We saw a lot of cool looking attire befitting summer, with many of the participants displaying wonderful taste and ingenuity with their layering of clothes.

Hokkaido is known not just as a winter sports heaven but also as a popular summer resort destination, but the temperature on this day went over 30 degrees Celsius even in Sapporo! But even then, Sapporo seemed to be less humid and the air more dry and comfortable than Tokyo. Nevertheless, since Japan everywhere was met with the intense heat this summer, going out in Gothic & Lolita fashion with all its layering does require a lot of ingenuity.
Sapporo was easy to spend for Kaie-san and me, but it must have been quite out of the ordinarily hot for the local participants, so we saw a lot of parasols and folding fans at the venue.

Masterful use of lace fabric presently in style was the norm.

With KERASHOPMaria Sapporo shop manager Ami-san wonderfully handling the MC role, the Tea Party started with a fashion show of Triple*fortune’s new offerings. As a first time endeavor, we chose a few participants to be models and had them walk the floor and go on stage. Fashion shows featuring magazine reader models are of course nice, but having our local participants serve as models seemed to go well with the other participants as it must have given them a more intimate feel of the size portion and atmosphere of the outfits.

Triple*fortune Far Eastロマンチカコレクションがずらり!
Triple*fortune Far East Romantica collection on display!
They are new offerings, this being the first display in Sapporo.


Triple*fortune designer Kaie-san explaining each new offerings


After the show, the designer Kaie-san explained the new offerings, and then we had the participants see the new offerings up close, and have them touch and check out the fabric.

The new offerings under lots of passionate gazes! Time was allocated to have the participants approach the models and see the dresses up close.


またコーディネート賞には「Midsummer Tea Party」というテーマに即した、涼し気な夏のお姫様として真っ白でレースのドレスを上手くコーディネートをしたお客様が選ばれました。
We also had Q&A session with Kaie-san and me as the panelist, together with a talk on the state of things in Harajuku, Tokyo today, and on Gothic & Lolita events around the world.
The Best Coordinate Prize of this day’s Midsummer Tea Party went to the participant who sported a totally white lace dress in a very cool and refreshing Princess outfit coordination that was true to the theme of the day.

Kaie-san & BABI getting very excited over Hokkaido’s food specialty, “the Chikuwa-Bread”
We also sang a Brilliant Star Decorations original song at the end of the tea party!

The tea party was held at a large venue normally used for wedding parties, etc. which was spacious and elegant.
Many of the tea parties held nowadays are being held at these types of the venue used normally for parties of large numbers instead of cute but small-size coffee shops which used to be the often-used venue. So we saw many participants with long dresses and large hats that nicely took consideration of the size of the venue.

We walked each table to mingle with all the participants.
We were told that local Lolitas are so dedicated they wear snow-shoes backing under their Lolita shoes in the winter. Awesome!


After the Tea Party, we went to KERASHOPMaria Sapporo for an at-the-shop event. Many of the participants joined in for this event as well, making it very lively.

We had Genghis Khan-style Shabu Shabu at the staff party afterward.
It was very delicious♪


BK (BABI&Kai) pair went to Shiroi Koibito Park for some sight-seeing.
This theme park seems like a very nice for Gothic & Lolitas to visit.


Gothic & Lolita fashion which originated from street fashion has broadened its variety from attires that are comfortable to wear when going out to town for fun to gorgeous dresses suited to wear at tea parties, and have acquired a wide range of opportunities to enjoy the fashion. So please check out the KERASHOPs that are all around Japan!
The shop staff will give you the appropriate advice depending on where you are thinking of going out for fun!

See you soon!! またすぐにお目にかかりましょう!



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