International Lolita Day Winter: Mexico City インターナショナル・ロリータ・デイ 冬:メキシコシティ(from Mexico, メキシコからお届けします)


International Lolita Day Winter: Mexico City
インターナショナル・ロリータ・デイ 冬:メキシコシティ

By Regina Morales (@chailattelolita – Instagram)

A beautiful occasion to wear Lolita, the International Lolita Day is a well-known date for members of the local community, both new and old, to gather, talk and eat pleasantly as we celebrate the coming of winter’s festive season.
This year, The Classic Tea Room, one of the larger communities Mexico’s capital city, held a holiday-themed reunion in a beautiful café called Magnolia. Picked for its convenient location, lovely décor, and delicious food, it was ideal and spacious enough to hold over thirty enthusiastic assistants.

The evening began with most of us catching up and welcoming some of the most recent lolitas, as we took our seats and ordered our meal. The food was delicious, I had a tuna burger and lemonade but I daresay the deserts were the best the restaurant had to offer, especially the chocolate cheesecake.

Afterwards, there were a few guessing games, an illustration activity where you colored a coordinate according to the substyle you were assigned and for the grand finale a gift exchange including all the assisting members. It was planned beforehand and no one was left out, which was a really nice gesture. Handmade gifts and cards were encouraged, and I personally enjoyed thoroughly finding out about some hidden talents in our community, seeing bonnets, flower crowns, drawings, among many other great gestures.

I was pleasantly surprised to see such a crowd gather, the numbers growing steadily since my first ILD that had maybe eight, ten girls in assistance. Another thing I enjoyed was the presence of families or couples that don’t necessarily wear Lolita or Boystyle but happily dressed the part to keep them company.

I leave you today with the hope that next year we gather around the world to celebrate the fashion that we love so much for many reasons, reminding us to be gentle and tolerant with newcomers, to be kind and friendly amongst ourselves and strive to learn we are on the same frilly team.

Pictures by: BLACK LOTUS Fotografía professional
写真: ブラックロータス・フォトグラフィア


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