Gothic & Lolita Interviews from AWA AWA(アニメ・ウィークエンド・アトランタ)からゴシック&ロリータなインタビュー (from Atlanta, USA アメリカ、アトランタからお届けします)Part 3


Gothic & Lolita Interviews from AWA
AWA(アニメ・ウィークエンド・アトランタ)からゴシック&ロリータなインタビュー その3

By Renée Marie
インタビュー  レネー・マリエ



The third and final interview of the day was with recording artist, model, and voice actress Luna Haruna. She was so sweet and kind, and totally a cute ball of energy in her pink Vivienne Westwood choker and oversized zip-up jacket! We had a great chat about all the things that make her happy.
三番目、最後のインタビューはレコーディングアーティスト、モデルそして声優であるルナ・ハルナさんです。彼女はとてもスイートで、優しくて、エネルギーのかわいい塊みたいな人なんです。その日は、ヴィヴィアンウエストウッドのピンクのチョーカー、オーバーサイズのジップアップジャケットというカッコよさ! 私たちは彼女を幸せにしてくれているたくさんのことについて話しました。

Me: most fans in the United States would recognize your voice from The Sword Art Online soundtracks. if you could suggest another song or album of yours they should listen to what would you suggest?

L – oh that’s overwhelming I have a lot of songs! But I’m very happy to suggest my new album sentimental it has a lot of anime tie ins.

Me: according to my sources your first look as an amateur model was in KERA magazine – what styles of street fashion do you wear as a model and in your daily life?
質問:アマチュアのモデルをしていた時、KERAのモデルをしていたんですって? モデルの時はどんなスタイルのストリートファッションを着るのですか? それから、普段はどんな感じ?

L – well I started at KERA magazine wearing Lolita and punk. Currently I still wear a lot of punk but also Kawaii looks and Lolita in my personal closet. A lot of the fashions I wear in my career are also what I wear in my daily life.

Me: what do you enjoy the most about being a fashion model?

L – I love to be able to dress up as another version of myself – self-expression and telling a story are important to me.
ルナ:違う自分になれること - 自己表現と物語を語ることが自分には大事なことなの。

Me: do you have any brands that you work with regularly?

L – actually yes! I am creating my own line of wedding dresses for those who wear Lolita or alternative fashions. This brand is called Luna Maria and I envision the dresses with the help of seamstresses and other artists. The concepts and styles are all my creation.

Me: tell us – what is your favorite snack?

L – oh so many options I’d like to think I have a favorite… (Thinking hard)… I really do like chocolate!

Me: as a singer you’ve been able to travel all over to share your music with others can you tell me about a concert or location you visited that you really enjoyed?

L – I really enjoyed my first ever trip outside of Japan to the United States which was at sakura con in Seattle. The audience was engaging they even knew the words to my songs! I really enjoyed that and it was something I will never forget.

Me: what should we be on the lookout for in the future from you miss Luna?

L – I’m happy to say I’m going to be a voice actor for the first time in the upcoming USA Japan release of Ura Hura! It is very exciting.

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