Gothic & Lolita Interviews from AWA  AWA(アニメ・ウィークエンド・アトランタ)からゴシック&ロリータなインタビュー (from Atlanta, USA アメリカ、アトランタからお届けします)Part 1


Gothic & Lolita Interviews from AWA
AWA(アニメ・ウィークエンド・アトランタ)からゴシック&ロリータなインタビュー その1

By Renée Marie
インタビュー レネー・マリエ

While attending Anime Weekend Atlanta (commonly referred to as AWA) I had the honor of interviewing three prominent or up-and-coming members of Japanese culture and society. I interviewed two representatives from BABY, THE STARS SHNE BRIGHT. I interviewed a Japanese rap artist DAOKO as well as Japanese singer, voice actress, and model Luna Haruna.
AWA(アニメ・ウィークエンド・アトランタ)というイベントに参加して、日本からのゲストだった3組のすばらしい方たちのインタビューをしてきました。一組目はBABY, THE STARS SHNE BRIGHTからの2人の代表者。そしてもうひとつは日本のラップミュージシャンのDAOKO、そして最後は日本人シンガーであり、声優であり、モデルでもあるルナ・ハルナさんです。

My first interview was with Japanese rap artist DAOKO and we talked about quite a few different things in relation to her career and fashion – here are some of the highlights.

Me: so you got your breakthrough niconico what made you choose that platform?

DAOKO – well I had used niconico as a user, prior to YouTube, and I noticed there weren’t other Japanese rap artists performing and I thought to myself “I can do this”!

Me: What made you choose such a challenging singing style as rap?

D – I really wanted to be a Pioneer and let other people know that they could do it too

Me: Tell us about the most encouraging aspects of being a recording artist?

D- The word of mouth, the reactions of the fans – it is very refreshing!

Me: We’re all curious to know what is your favorite dessert?!

D – (Thinking hard, hand on chin, and giggling) Well, I have a sweet tooth… there’s so many to choose from… but Japanese pudding is my favorite, I think! [The translator informed me that it’s similar to a flan dessert in the United States]

Me: Have you encountered any challenges as your career has grown?

D – Well I started in the Indie scene in a high school and in that way I could make music for myself. Once I was signed to a major label, the adaptation was hard from Indy to signed artist. Working for a major label, I have to cater to the fans and those who like my work so it makes it harder, but I try to still express myself.

Me: What would you consider your happiest moment ever?

D – My Seijin Shiki (coming-of-age) was celebrated in March of 2017, and it was a big party… it was something I will never forget!

Me: Are you familiar with KERA magazine and Japanese Street fashion? Do you wear any J-fashions? If so, what brands and styles?
質問:KERAとか日本のストリートファッションのこと、よく知っていますか?ご自身もそういうJ-ファッション的な洋服ってきますか? どんなブランドやスタイルが好きですか?

D – Yes, I do! My look changes daily, but I wear Punk the most, also Gothic and American styles. I buy a lot of my clothing second-hand and I really enjoy 90s vintage, which I buy a lot of online.

Me: So, what should we expect from you next?

D – This is previously unannounced! However, I will be doing the ending theme for “Blood Blockade Battlefront” anime that is coming out soon. I also want to make songs that are beautiful!


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